4 Responses to “Undue process”

  1. 1 Anthony Antetomaso

    Great reporting, Mark, as usual. I applaud your ability to stay in that room without getting lugged out in cuffs.
    You know I’m getting the distinct impression what’s going on here is a little reverse-racism coupled with some man-hatred as well. Why the hurry to dump the image of the warrior? Could it be that the image of a strong, fierce male makes a certain demo hunger for a safe-space? And that’s just the S/C! Make this logo a female “warrior” and we’re not having this discussion at all, are we? God I despise what town government has become!

  2. 2 Carole

    Time for Wakefield citizens to vote on this. I enjoyed your article Mark and agree with you.

  3. 3 Lisa Pegnato

    We learn a lot from our cross cultural experiences. A valuable asset to our nation that other nations envy. Why, …oh why…denigrate and grow that away. I think they call that ‘throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater”. This does not help with our racist problems. If anything I believe if creates more division. If you are really, truly concerned about Native Americans then go online and make a financial donation to help find missing women.


    good going Mark. Again I agree with you and also Richard Bayrd’s Statement that appeared in your column twice. Sometimes i think there are people who WANT to see our real history erased completely !! Thanks again for your column.

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