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Fall Festival request still on hold A request by Wakefield 350 to use the Upper and Lower Commons on September 15 for a “Homecoming Festival,” remained a serious bone of contention and sparked another heated discussion at the June 25, 2007 meeting of the Wakefield (MA) Board of Selectmen.

A major corporation comes to town and says whatever it needs to say so that local officials will let them do business here, and then waits for the town to threaten legal action before living up to its agreement. I know–it’s shocking. But that’s exactly what communications mega-giant Verizon did to the town of Wakefield, […]

Stoneham production features forty Cohan tunes I wonder how many students in school drama and musical theater classes today even know who George M. Cohan was. After all, Cohan wrote and performed in musicals that reflected patriotism and old-fashioned, traditional American values — themes that now seem out of favor, not just in academia, but […]



Apparently “Soccer Mom” wouldn’t fit.

Graduation season is upon us, and it’s once again time for the unqualified to dispense pearls of wisdom to the disinterested. So don your caps and gowns, take your seats and try to stay awake.