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Play about a teenage girl with supernatural powers From the very start, you know that there’s something different about The Sparrow, and that goes for both the play currently on stage at Stoneham Theatre and the title character. The Sparrow is an inventive and original play that combines a comic book aesthetic and a cinematic […]

It’s October and the Red Sox are once again in the post-season, so dust off that pink hat and try to remember where TBS is on your cable system. Because even if you have no idea what ALDS stands for, you’ll be watching anyway, rooting for the home team and hoping “we” go all the […]

My artist brother, Bob Sardella, painted this scene showing our chlidhood home on Spring Street in Wakefield, Massachusetts. In the foreground is Jack, the great dog we had for 15 years back in the days before leash laws, when dogs roamed free.