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Lighten Up


The Boston Globe recently ran a front-page story about people who are hoarding incandescent light bulbs in anticipation of a coming federal restriction on the sale of Edison’s most important invention. Count me among the hoarders. I’m not ready yet for my close-up on reality TV, but I have managed to lay in a small […]

While Wakefield Police Officer Michael Pietrantonio was deployed last year with the United States Air Force in Iraq, he was very appreciative of the local support he received and the efforts made by the Wakefield Police Department and his fellow WPD officers to stay in touch while he was away serving in the 332nd Expeditionary […]

Debt ceiling, we hardly knew ye. Now that the debt discussion that has held the national airwaves hostage for the past few months is over and the phony threat of default is in the rear view mirror, can we please get back to real issues – like littering? Expanding the Massachusetts bottle law is the […]