WAKEFIELD — The Wakefield Warrior passed away Tuesday night, March 23, after a courageous battle with an aggressive strain of cancel culture. He was 74.

warriors_foreverSpecialists from around the state were brought in last week to consult on the Warrior’s condition but their intervention may, in fact, have hastened his demise.

The Wakefield Warrior came into this world in 1947. He could trace his roots back to the late General John R. Galvin and the Bayrd family of Wakefield. He was the godson of Harold Greene.

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Civics lesson


A certain kind of bias has long been suspected in public education but has always been vigorously denied.

So, I commend Wakefield School Committee member Greg Liakos for his honesty and forthrightness this week in loudly and proudly confirming what many have long believed.
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Time flies when you’re having fun, which explains why 2020 has been the longest year since the asteroid traveling at 40,000 mph crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago, wiping out nearly 80 percent of life on earth and disappointing thousands of spring breakers.

Kind of puts 2020 in perspective, doesn’t it?
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