9 Responses to “Forum follies”

  1. 1 William G Haver

    I disagree with what you say yet will defend to the death you’re right to say it. Well, actually, I agree with what you have to say. Unfortunately, I am now an ex-pat of Wakefield living in New Hampshire and cannot vote on the issue.

    Keep plugging along, Mark! Wakefield Warriors Forever!

  2. 2 John E Butler

    As usual awesome job of writing what some of us are thinking. God only knows they don’t like differing opinions.

  3. 3 Anthony Antetomaso

    “… most agree that there are more pressing matters than changing a logo that school officials should be focused on right now…”

    BINGO!!!! The fact that they would rather waste time to stir up this hornet’s nest speaks volumes about what they see as “mission critical” and what they think of this town, it’s heritage, and the people in it. And knowing the Bayrd family would rather KEEP the logo also tells us who the true racists are in Wakefield. It’s the people who are offended at the sight of our famous long-time Native American townies.

  4. 4 Carole

    Until people speak and push back on this cancel culture they will continue to cancel people, books, and places of business. They are the bully!

  5. 5 Bob Cohen

    Those of us who have moved away always came back to visit because of what Wakefield was. Now wokeness has changed this forever….without that pull to visit. Sad day when the woke insist on cancelling yesterday’s history based on today’s virtue signalling!

  6. 6 Maureen Howland

    You have stated the truth eloquently. It’s all very similar to detrimental decisions and votes taken at a Town Meeting by a small number of people. Planned attendance by a group can approve and push through destructive things on a town of many thousands. Important issues should always be on the ballot. This particular problem of course is rooted in the woke culture and indoctrination of students by the public school system. This is what must be corrected.

  7. 7 Chuck

    Because members of the WCL or FOLQ have never ever shown a propensity to “pummel [an issue] into submission.” (end sarcasm)

    The idea that *the logo* is a major issue for the April elections is laughable. New buildings, teacher contracts, etc… and you are worried about a logo! You can tell when people don’t actually live here anymore…

    “They stole our elections.”

    “They’re stealing our logo.”

    So much winning! Tell me, are you tired of winning yet?

    • 8 Mark Sardella

      I’m not affiliated with either WCL or FOLQ, so I fail to see your point.
      And can you tell me which teachers’ contracts are up this year and where “new buildings” appears on the ballot? And when have I said anything about “stealing elections”?
      Please try to focus.
      Also you know my full name. What’s yours, “Chuck”?

  8. 9 John Breithaupt

    A school is a community of people united by ties of mutual respect. Without that mutual respect, the members of the community will lack the sense of security that they require to question and learn — which is the school’s reason for being to begin with. There is no respect in representing a group of people with a cartoonish caricature — which, if it can somehow avoid being denigrating, at the very least denies the reality of the subject of the caricature.
    The warrior logo is subversive of the purposes of the ‘’community of scholars’’ that our schools aspire to be. That aspiration is our ‘’heritage’’.

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