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It’s hard to say which made me feel more violated – having my car stolen or having my computer hijacked by an insidious virus. The car-theft happened over two decades ago, and time has a way of softening the edges and making offenses seem less egregious. (Just look at how many Americans seem to have […]

I won’t say that last week’s public hearing on RCN’s request for a renewal of its cable license in Wakefield, Massachusetts brought back fond memories. There were, however, occasional moments of déjà vu that reminded me how little some things change. If I closed my eyes and listened to RCN Vice President Thomas Steel explaining […]

Currently at Stoneham Theatre The family-friendly Broadway musical currently on stage at Stoneham Theatre, “A Year with Frog and Toad,” follows the year-long adventures of Frog and Toad and their animal friends – bird, mouse, snail, turtle, mole and lizard. Based on the whimsical children’s stories by Arnold Lobel, the show consists of a compilation […]