5 Responses to “Offensive strategy”

  1. 1 Carole

    I agree with your article, I know this will leave me open to attacks.

  2. 2 John E Butler

    Well said Mark, right out of the political handbook. Smear the names and thoughts of others with different opinions. Cast aspersions on others with accusations of RACISM or support for said groups. ( it happened to me recently ). I as many others, will standby our Wakefield Warrior team logo and to quote a President of The United States of America.
    You have to fight like hell.

  3. 3 Carlene

    I personally find the logo positive and would think Native Americans would not find it offensive. I grew up with the Bayrd family and they definitely have Native American blood. The Youth Council might disagree with the use of the logo but unless a local Native American group finds it racist, there is no reason for change.

  4. 4 LisaP

    I don’t get it. By erasing our cultural differences then they make us all the same. Which appears kinda white. It seems opposite of their inner vision.

  5. 5 Morgan Cataldo

    Didn’t even know about the Bayrds, thank you for bringing attention to that. As a past Warrior myself, the symbol was a source of strength and bravery. It educated me on the history of the native tribe of the local area. The real motivation behind this attempted change is to break down pride for America and replace it with a new tyrannical, neo-Marxist system. Woke politics are always more sinister than they let on.

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