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To be, or 40B


Let’s be clear. Something is going to be built at 119-135 Nahant St., the former location of Precision Honing. At this point, the only question is, ‘What?” Right now, it’s a blighted industrial site with a crumbling old factory building on it. Developer Jason Kearney’s new proposal to build a six-story, 120-unit, 40B affordable housing […]

Serious question: Are all educational gurus Marxists? Or is it just random luck that we keep finding them to guide curriculum development and teaching practice in Wakefield Public Schools? We’ll get to the latest example in a moment, but first a quick review.

Last Saturday’s Special Election, which saw 18 percent of the voters give 100 percent of Wakefield homeowners a hefty tax increase, brought back a hazy memory from about 40 years ago. As a member of the Board of Assessors in the 1980s, Paul Faler was a fierce advocate for residential taxpayers. As I recall it, […]

[From the Thursday, March 9, 2023 Wakefield Daily Item] WAKEFIELD — The “Yes for WMHS” campaign raised over $12,000 to fund its advocacy for the new Wakefield Memorial High School building project, although nearly one-quarter of the total amount raised came from one individual. In campaign finance reports filed with the Town Clerk, the Committee […]

Watching two school building projects unfold virtually side by side in time and space has provided a unique window into what happens when environmental and educational activism collide at the local level.

The plan to get you out of your single-family home and private vehicle is proceeding apace as we forge ahead toward our collective future. The latest phase in this great leap forward has been promulgated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which is in the process of forcing it on local cities and towns with MBTA […]

There were few surprises at last Saturday’s Special Town Meeting, other than the fact that the start was delayed 45 minutes to allow several hundred people to stroll in fashionably late. Who could have known that this much-anticipated and highly promoted Special Town Meeting would attract such a crowd? And you can hardly blame people […]