14 Responses to “Done Deal”

  1. 1 Brenda

    Sad diagrace, who made this decision? Did any people from Wakefield get a say?

  2. 2 Sandra Hawkes

    So very sad !

  3. 3 Cheryl

    I usually wouldn’t comment , but I have been curious about how it would be resolved. I am curious about what the youth of today think about these issues, about icons and meaning and , seems they are split on things too …

  4. 4 Carole

    The woke generation has spoken! A sad day for Wakefield.

  5. 5 MaryAnn

    Such insanity!! Is this “WOKE” JOKE?

  6. 6 Helen Allen

    Is Richard Bayrd still alive? Why wasn’t he asked to talk to the student council? Or at least show them his documentary! This makes me so angry. So disrespectful to him and his family.

    • 7 Mark Sardella

      He’s still alive and well. None of the people who want to eliminate the logo care what he thinks, least of all the Youth Council.

  7. 8 Rick Mitchell

    My late wife, Leah (Gammons) Mitchell, was the head majorette for the Wakefield Memorial High School in the mid seventies and had several of her girlfriends on the squad.
    Her father, Calvun (Bud) Gammons, made the batons made and Mr. Baird made the headdresses with feathers for all the girls.
    They all performed happily as warriors for the. school, games and parades.
    Leah would be turning in her grave if she heard the sad news about the Warrior logo becoming a thing of the past.
    Leah wore her headdress proudly and she donated her headdress to the high school to put it on display.
    Hopefully, it’s still there as a reminder of those warriors…past and present.

  8. 9 Eileen Hamblin

    I’m interested to learn where there’s a survey showing that more people are in favor of keeping the logo than not. I missed it somehow. I’m going to educate myself about the unique history of the logo. Although I assume most logos have a unique history, the history of the Wakefield logo must be a little more unique than others.

  9. 10 James Sisson

    a logo of a proud Indian nation- respected, celebrated-a shame to disrespect the heritage

  10. 11 Lynn Sullivan

    That was part of Wakefield High School
    But I still have my class ring with the warrior on it

  11. 12 Allan Baker

    Sad news😢

  12. 13 Michael J MacKay

    I came to this discussion late. From what I can gather a group of 13 to 18 year old children with no world experience have decided that they have to speak for the American Indian. The only Indians involved are the Baird family and they were not asked their stand on the matter. Mr. Baird as I recall, felt honored by the Indian involvement and his part in the uniforms.

    If this is to pass, who will pay for the rebranding, the change in uniforms etc, the cost could be quite high. The matter should be voted on at a town meeting by the people who will suffer the costs.

    Just my thoughts.

  13. 14 Lisa Prowse

    It is so sad Rick! Thank God she will remain part of the Warrior history! Not only was she a kind and wonderful person; she was a talented and wonderful Majorette! I am sure she would be so sad 😞

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