5 Responses to “Ethos, pathos and logos”

  1. 1 David J Tropeano

    I guess I am missing something. Am I to believe that our competitive high school student teams, (athletic, dramatic, musicians, scholastic, etc.) which represent Wakefield and Wakefield Memorial High School, are actually participating in those programs with the intent to insult, disparage, defame, embarrass, etc. our Native American citizens? I certainly do not think such a thought ever crossed their minds. Having participated in WHS athletics, as well is having had the privilege of coaching at WHS, I cannot recall a single moment where any of my teammates, the athletes under my care, my coaching colleagues, or anyone else connected to the athletic program at WHS, that went onto the field of competition, ever had in inkling of those thoughts in mind of doing anything close to what I described above. Being a “Warrior” was a great source of pride for all Wakefield competitors as opposed to being a Spartan, Tanner, Red Devil, Marauder, etc.! Why are the “Powers that be….” so insistent upon stripping away that image of pride that is held dear to the great majority of citizens living in Wakefield?

    • 2 Mark Sardella

      You’re absolutely right, of course. As I’ve pointed out countless times, none of the School Committee members who voted to eliminate the logo, and none of the school administrators who are on board with doing away with the logo – none of them went to Wakefield High School. They accuse Wakefield natives of provincialism, but then they feel free to walk in and erase our traditions based on their presumed superior morality and ideology.

      • 3 Dr. Ed

        It’s actully is far worse than that Mark — get a good textbook on Cognative Behavioral Therapy (if you can) and you will see EXACTLY what is going on here.
        CBT tactics were used in the Hanoi Hilton & DPRK POW camps -, it’s how they got brave American pilots to say the things the did.

        Yes, Brainwashing 101….

        The first thing you have to do is separate the subject from the subject’s culture. The problem with the logo is that it is a tie to the older generation and the goal is to sever all such ties so you can indoctrinate the subject to reject said culture.

        They are brainwashing our children — that’s what most of the SEL is, and the sad thing is that the parents don’t even realize this. I’m not sure that the folk at 60 Farm Street do either as when this stuff is taught to educators, the psych folk neglect to mention the CBT stuff.

  2. 5 Mike Davidson

    I found the discussion on Turner Classic Movies Channel about ethnic sensitivity in a historical context very interesting. They articulated well the rationale for not hiding movies from the public eye that portray bad treatment or insensitive characterizations of humans. They opted instead to make some contextual information available to the viewer, likely at beginning and end of the featured film. They apparently feel that a chance for education could be missed without that provocation.

    Unrelated, I then read an article where the subject was said to have flown multiple helicopters while in the Army: Iroquois, Apache, and Blackhawk. Now there’s a sidebar mission for the school committee board members.

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