4 Responses to “Happy fall celebration!”

  1. 1 Ed

    Mark, look into why that superintendent was fired in Scarborough, Maine. In the process, there was a recall election that replaced 3 members of the school committee. If you have NEXIS, the Bangor Daily News reported most of this.

  2. 3 Anthony Antetomaso

    Has anyone checked with the LGBTQIA+ people on this? They may have a different opinion. Just saying….

  3. 4 Heidi

    Previously of Andover, in my mother’s era they were the Blue Devils. Then for a few decades we became the Golden Warriors our mascots literally dressed as Indians with headdresses and face paint. Now I believe the Andover HS mascot is the Golden Eagle.
    We live in a different town and our children have also seen holiday traditions in school being watered down or eliminated or morphed into something more inclusive. What happened to celebrating people’s individuality? Isn’t that what should be taught? Teach about the different cultures and learn about other people.
    Yes, the Halloween costume parade was eliminated this year here too.

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