3 Responses to “Decolonizing Columbus”

  1. 1 Ed

    Mark, the student with the headress needs to call FIRE — thefire.org — as he has a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to wear it.

    Courts have been clear on this — in MA it was South Hadley and the Coed Naked T shirts — and the kids won.

    This goes all the way back to 1969 and SCOTUS saying one has the right to wear ‘F-ck The Draft’ — with the vowel — on your jacket, in a courthouse.

    And then there was Tinker and wearing black armbands IN CLASS……

    There is also 46 USC 1983 and what could be major liability for the town.

    • 2 Ed


      Do you have a non-facebook email address?

      There are two aspects of CRT that I don’t want to discuss publicly – yet – but think you need a deep babkground heads up on.

      I’m not sure Wakefield is doing either — but I do know it is being done elsewhere.

  2. 3 Nancy Trimper

    I saw a man in Market basket today wearing a Warriors sweatshirt he obviously had had for a long time. How did he dare? I’m surprised he wasn’t lynched in the parking lot by some of these P.c. nuts who want to change everything to suit themselves, with no regard to Wakefield history. What will the logo be for the football team be now? Bozo the clown, would be suitable, oh no, I’m wrong that might offend the circus community.

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