7 Responses to “Secret summer retreat”

  1. 1 William G Haver

    Good synopsis and neutral presentation of the facts at hand. Glad you were there.

  2. 2 Ed

    I’d love to know what Maura Healey’s Office has to say about this — https://www.mass.gov/how-to/report-violations-of-the-open-meeting-law-to-the-attorney-generals-office

    Even after you got in, the door was still locked, wasn’t it Mark?

    That means it wasn’t a public meeting and hence they gotta — at the very least — do the whole thing over again….

  3. 3 John Breithaupt

    It’s true, the session wandered off topic, but so what? Was any action taken at this meeting?

  4. 4 Nancy Trimper

    Why is the school committee able to go against the wishes of the citizens? Obviously they are afraid to meet us. Is it because they know they would be subject to a large, angry group of Wakefieldians?

  5. 5 Nancy Trimper

    Why moderation?Are you afraid to post what most are thinking?

    • 6 Anonymous

      Because if you don’t moderate comments, you get burried in spam and pishing attempts.

      And as to the large, angry group of Wakefieldans, there are two things they can do — first, agree on a slate of current or new School Committee members who agree with you and vote them into office, and second, go to town meeting and vote down the school budget unless/until the stuff you object to has been removed.

      • 7 Nancy Trimper

        I will do that, but how do I know which ones agree with me?

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