7 Responses to “Coming soon to a school near you!”

  1. 1 Chuck Rankin

    This whole cancel culture move is ridiculous and this particular move is insulting to our indigenous population. The Wakefield Warrior logo honors them and keeps their ancestors current and in our collective memories. If you changed the mascot to the Viking Warriors, I don’t think the Norwegians would be insulted.

  2. 2 Ed

    “allowing them to choose their own reading material and encouraging them to share thoughts and ideas in an open-minded, supportive environment.”

    Provided that they think approved thoughts and support politically correct ideas.

    Mark, you want to be scared, be VERY scared about what is happening to your school system because this is far more than a fight over a logo.

    • 3 Mark Sardella

      Agreed. That’s the point of the column.

      • 4 Ws

        Someone ought to read the Open Meeting Law to that School Committee — amongst other things, if they have a meeting in secret, they have to repeat the entire meeting in a public session.

        And how much did the town pay the “facilitator”?

  3. 5 WaffleCat

    Due to the amount of racism being taught at home it’s time to blame the children.

  4. 6 PETE


  5. 7 John Bernat

    Twisted cork-screwed logic by devious persons…what is their real end point of all this bull—-. Must clean out current members and recruit new entire school committees who have true American values as their motivation..

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