6 Responses to “Why the Warrior logo vote still matters”

  1. 1 John Breithaupt

    There’s a saying that academic politics is so vicious because there is so little at stake. The same seems to hold for the culture wars. Hello boys and girls we are getting hot and bothered about a freaking cartoon character.

    • 2 Dr. Ed

      Of the many thing that Henry Kissinger was wrong about, he was most wrong in underestimating what was really at stake in the academic politics of the late 1960s and early 1970s — that was the toehold that led to the left’s dominance today.

      Symbols matter very much: Have you ever wondered about the ‘Bratach na hÉireann’ — why the Irish flag is orange, white, and green?

      Orange stands for Protestants, Green stands for Catholics — and the White stands for the lasting peace between the two, how they were both going to unite to fight the British, which they did.

      What you refer to as a “cartoon character” is actually a symbol reflecting our grasp at immortality — our effort to retain an identity that a bunch of rich outsiders wish to steal from us.

      And Mark, follow the money — they have to file with the OCPF and print all of the out-of-town sources funding the erasure movement.

  2. 3 WaffleCat

    SC acted beyond their scope and authority. It does have appearance of impropriety to see SC members with the “Vote No” signs. And disrespectful for them to do it at the Galvin.

  3. 4 Dr. Ed

    No Warrior, No Override — NO NEW HIGH SCHOOL!!!

    The same people who want to get rid of the logo are the same people who want a new high school, which they simply aren’t going to be able to build without a Prop 2.5 override.


  4. 5 Dr. Ed

    The other side of Indian history — this just in from a professional association I belong to that is advertising an event. And why do I suspect that none of this is taught at WHS?

    “In 1675, the Wampanoag chief Metacom (known as Philip), rejected the alliance that his father Massasoit had forged with the New England colonists. Wampanoag and Narragansett raiding parties attacked villages throughout New England, and Governor Josiah Winslow marshaled 1,000 men, one of the largest colonial armies seen up to that time, to fight back. Tensions rose to a fever pitch, and in less than a year nearly half the towns in New England had been attacked, with over a dozen towns destroyed. Plymouth and Rhode Island’s economies were in free-fall, and the Wampanoags and Narragansetts were all but wiped out. Hundreds lost their lives, and the war is widely considered one of the deadliest in Colonial history.”

  5. 6 Dr. Ed

    What Carmen Ubanas neglected to mention in today’s letter to the Item is that she now works for the Dexter Southfield School in Brookline.

    A high school that charges $53,980 per year, which is more than Harvard ($49,653) and she purports to preach to us about Social Justice?!?

    Whom does this woman think she is?

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