Wakefield Warrior, 1947-2021


WAKEFIELD — The Wakefield Warrior passed away Tuesday night, March 23, after a courageous battle with an aggressive strain of cancel culture. He was 74.

warriors_foreverSpecialists from around the state were brought in last week to consult on the Warrior’s condition but their intervention may, in fact, have hastened his demise.

The Wakefield Warrior came into this world in 1947. He could trace his roots back to the late General John R. Galvin and the Bayrd family of Wakefield. He was the godson of Harold Greene.

A colorful character, the Warrior was known to change his appearance from time to time. But friends always knew where to find him. He was a fixture at Wakefield High School sports events for over 70 years, where he inspired the home team as a model of courage, strength and tenacity. A team player, he tackled challenges with enthusiastic gusto and always focused on the goal at hand. He was the inspiration for the creation of the Warrior Club.

warrior_logoThe Warrior worked alongside the legendary football coaches in Wakefield High School history, including Bill Tighe, Whip Halliday and Mike Boyages.

To his friends he was affectionately known as “The Logo.” When his detractors scorned him as a “mascot,” he endured their slings and arrows with stoic grace.

The Warrior is survived by the Red Raiders of Melrose, the Sachems of Saugus, the Redmen of Tewksbury and numerous others. He was predeceased by the Winchester Sachems, the Hanover Indians, the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians.

With arrangements in care of the Wakefield School Committee, internment will be in the dustbin of history.

vote_hereIn lieu of flowers, friends and supporters are encouraged to continue to display their “Save the Warrior” signs and to proudly wear apparel and gear bearing the Warrior logo.

A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, April 27 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Galvin Middle School gymnasium. Friends and supporters are encouraged to show up en masse on that day and pay their respects to this Wakefield icon.

“I cannot think of a more fitting tribute,” said a member of the Warrior family.

This column originally appeared in the March 25, 2021 Wakefield Daily Item.

5 Responses to “Wakefield Warrior, 1947-2021”

  1. 1 John M. "Mike" Zahlaway

    Unfortunately, I will be in the state of the Seminoles. But I think someone at the rally should read the names of the committee members that vote to remove the Warrior logo then a group rant “Vote Them Out”! Can the reintroduction of the logo become a ballot question at a later time? Obviously, these people on the School Committee aren’t homegrown Wakefiledians more interested in a political agenda than a community agenda. Send the Carpetbaggers home 🙂

    • 2 Anonymous

      I don’t see why an amendment can’t be placed on the school budget at town meeting to restore the Warrior. Robert’s Rules permits a motion to amend, ans while the moderator *should* allow this, if he doesn’t, you simply “move to appeal the decision of the chair.”

      I believe both are just simple majority votes, so what I would do — beyond getting all the Warrior supporters at Town meeting — is walk in with the amendment already written — Roberts doesn’t require this, but it makes things a lot less confusing. (It also prevents creative “mistakes” that can sabotage you.) The town attorney has said that while the referendum is optional, a town meeting vote would be mandatory — and doing it this way furthermore ties compliance to receipt of their FY 22 budget money.

      You need at least two copies — one for the person making the amendment and one to give to the moderator. Better a couple hundred and the way you do that is cut & paste it onto the same page and then cut them apart with scissors after you print them. Four to a page means you get 100 from every 25 pages you print, five to a page means you get 100 from every 20 you print..

      Don’t be too stingy — you want to go with at least 14 point font (in Word you change the numbers on the toolbar on the top of the page) — depending on how it looked (print a copy and see), I might go with as big as 20 points, and try a few different fonts. Printing it on a pastel color paper (Staples sells them) can be effective, but have them all the *same* color. And the moderator would probably appreciate his copy on a full sheet of paper.

      Any member (anyone who can vote) can move to amend, so whoever gets called on stands up and says “I move to amend this to read [text of amendment]” Everyone else immediately says “second” and you are in business. (The moderator should repeat the text of your amendment, but your supporters start handing out copiers to the people near them.)

      The other option is to vote “no” on the school budget itself. Town meeting *can* do this, at which point the school committee has to come back with a new budget at a special town meeting. (This usually happens when town meeting thinks the schools are asking for too much money.)

  2. 3 Chickie

    Amen Mark!

  3. 4 john breithaupt

    Irony at its finest.

  4. 5 Anonymous

    A reminder: Any registered Wakefield voter who won’t be in Wakefield on April 27th can vote by absentee ballot.

    Print & fill out this form and give it to the town clerk: https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/elepdf/absentee/English-Absentee-Ballot-Application.pdf

    Caveat: Your ballot has to arrive at her office before the 27th.

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