Mr. Green, your prescription is ready


Early in 2014, Massachusetts issued its first 20 “Medical Marijuana Licenses.” By summer, as you’re out driving with your kids, you’ll be seeing signs for such establishments as Garden Remedies of Newton, Greeneway Wellness Foundation in Cambridge, Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals of Boston and Good Chemistry of Worcester.

Cannabis Station, Denver, ColoradoBecause they’re just getting established at this point, they all have semi-respectable sounding names in order to perpetuate the scam. But in a couple of years, after the charade ends and we have legal recreational pot stores like they do in Colorado and Washington, we’ll be seeing more creative, and accurate, signage for places like “Herb’s Haven,” “Bud’s Bakery” “The Pot Hole” and “Wasted Management.”

And why even talk about legalizing pot “for recreational purposes?” Because let’s face it – there are no other purposes. The term is redundant. This whole “medical” marijuana movement is little more than a smokescreen for the real endgame, which is full legalization of weed. So why insult our intelligence with the interim step of medical marijuana?

Voters across the state, including right here in Wakefield, bought the whole snake oil scheme – that it was about compassion for sick people who needed marijuana to ease their suffering and were unable or afraid to buy it illegally. (Who can forget those nightly news stories of Parkinson’s patients being hauled out of their homes in cuffs for possessing a couple of joints?)

In any case, Massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana when it was on the statewide ballot a couple of years ago. That left municipal officials, who actually have to think things through, to deal with the fallout.

cvs020714If “medical marijuana” were truly about medicine, why then are cities and towns across the state are scrambling to create rules to keep these pot “dispensaries” as far away from schools as possible? Yet right here in Wakefield, we recently permitted CVS Pharmacy to locate practically next door to the Galvin Middle School. That’s because, unlike Garden Remedies, CVS deals in actual medicine.

A real pharmacist, quoted last year in the Boston Globe, put it best. “Medicine is not smoked and it is not compounded into food or candies. If you want it to be called medicine, treat it as medicine.”

Perhaps most puzzling of all, no one ever seems to address the gigantic elephant in the room: the fact that there is universal agreement that inhaling the filtered smoke of one burning plant, tobacco, is deadly. Yet medical pot advocates would have us believe that inhaling the unfiltered smoke of another burning plant is not only harmless, but good for you!

Indeed, by legalizing medical marijuana, we’ve told children that pot is medicine. And even kids know that medicine, when taken as directed, is safe, right? Except that there are no “directions” or dosage guidelines for marijuana. It’s up to each individual “patient.”

MunchiesMeanwhile, Governor Deval Patrick’s FY 2015 state budget proposal includes new taxes on candy and soda. I’m sure it’s just a lucky coincidence. Our governor has never needed any extra incentive to raise taxes or create new ones. Still, if the tax on candies and soda goes through, it will likely be a gateway tax to a full-blown munchies tax, including the likes of Doritos and Cheez-Its.

Just imagine the devastating effect that will have on medical marijuana “patients.”

[This column originally appeared in the February 6, 2014 Wakefield Daily Item.]

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  1. 1 Gary Buxton

    Mark…great article

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