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By MARK SARDELLA The wave of sexual misconduct allegations that has been toppling prominent men in politics and the entertainment industry has reached Wakefield. The Board of Directors of the Gloucester Stage Company and its founder, world renowned playwright and Wakefield native Israel Horovitz, have permanently severed ties amid new allegations of sexual assault made […]

It’s not often that the town of Wakefield figures prominently in a work of art or literature. But in Israel Horovitz’s The Widow’s Blind Date, the playwright gives his hometown a strong supporting role in this taut drama about the reunion of three Wakefield High School classmates who share an unsavory past. My review of […]

Wakefield native’s play returns to Gloucester Stage Many critics consider The Widow’s Blind Date to be Israel Horovitz’s finest work. It has long been a favorite of mine (and not just because Horovitz set the play in his hometown of Wakefield, Massachusetts). The current revival at Gloucester Stage Company, where it premiered in 1983, has […]