8 Responses to “Dangerous liaisons”

  1. 1 John Terravecchia

    Unless the silent majority, if they continue to exist, speaks up for their interest and more importantly for the interest of their children, than they can be considered useful idiots, a description that V Lenin used during his time as the leader of Russian Communist revelation in the early part of the twenty century. God help to see what the hell is going on all over the US.

    • 2 Mark Sardella

      Very true, John. All I can do is lay it out. Everything I wrote is carefully documented fact. Now it’s up to the people to act.

      • 3 John Michael Terravecchia

        On a separate issue. I grew up in Wakefield [the Gulch] a long time ago and know the town well. Have written four short stories which I’ve sent to Bob Burgess at the Item. It’s obvious I’m seeking publicity. If you would be willing to review them, please let me know. All four are published and available on Amazon & wherever books are sold. I use a pen name John Michele. the first book in the series is titled Club Morocco, the second. Promises and the third Passion and Power. The fourth is titled Night Crawlers and uses Wakefield for much of its locations. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram and Goodreads, as author John Michele. Thanks for considering my request. John T.

      • 4 john terravecchia

        Are you related to a WHS high school friend who had the nick name Hotdog? We both played on teams that were coached my Bill Tighe? Now I’m dating myself back to the 1950’s

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      • 5 Mark Sardella

        Was that Frank Sardella? I believe he was my father’s second or third cousin. So we weren’t closely related.

  2. 6 John Breithaupt

    If the town needs a new high school, it needs one, regardless of the appropriateness of one textbook being used in a particular course.

    As for the textbook on indigenous peoples, I wouldn’t worry too much about the WPS turning out a generation of America-hating little Marxists monsters. I am guessing that this book will be used in grade 10, and if so, it could be a springboard for discussion and critical thinking. (Oops, did I write that?) I found in my own experience teaching that 10th graders are just discovering the world of ideas and love to argue things back and forth. Their minds are not passive receptacles. This book could be the start of fruitful debate, beginning with the fact that European settlers did in fact drive the indigenous peoples off their land and greatly reduce their numbers. What can we do about that now? Does self reproach accomplish anything? Is there something constructive that can be done?

    • 7 Me

      The reason the proposed school is so expensive is because MUCH OF IT ISN’T NEEDED!

      That’s why the state is refusing to pay for it..,

      • 8 Mark Sardella

        Correct. The new high school plan calls for things that are ineligible for reimbursement under Massachusetts School Building Authority guidelines. The MSBA isn’t some right-wing, anti-education agency. Quite the opposite. If even they say the plan is over the top, what does that tell you?

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