4 Responses to “Flagging allegiance”


    If they want all those other flags used maybe another flagpole for a changing display would be a better idea. Is anyone really interested inJuneteenth? Just another invented ‘DAY”.

  2. 2 Nancy Trimper

    I Just googled Juneteenth and now I understand why it is worth celebrating..

    • 3 Ed Cutting, Ed. D.

      No it isn’t — slavery actually didn’t end until the ratification of the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865.

      1: Both MD & DE were slave states but not part of the Confederacy. The Emancipation Proclimation did mt apply.

      2: The EP only applied under martial law, all military orders, including the Juneteenth one, expired with the return of civil government.

      3: And the courts reopening. See Milligan, Meriman, etc.

      4: The EP violated the 5th Amd’s taking clause and while Taney was dead, a 7-0 SCOTUS would have upheld Scott v Sanford.

      5: Lincoln knew this which is why he ended slavery by buying them, ie providing just compensation.

      6: Junetemth replaced slavery with debt peonage. If you can not go work for someone else, iow are you free?

      • 4 Ed Cutting, Ed. D.

        Ended slavery in DC — technically Congress did, remember this was before DC self-government when Cmgress ran DC.

        Compensation elsewhere was prohibited later by the 14th Amd.

        And slavery in MA had ended in 1803.

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