11 Responses to “Warriors forever”

  1. 1 Donna Hakey

    Leave it alone! There is nothing racist in either the name ” Wakefield Warriors” or the Indian logo which has been changed a number of times over the years.

  2. 2 Jack DelRossi

    Keep the Warrior. Class of 56

  3. 3 John E Butler

    What a great, informative article, which solidified my stance as a proud Wakefield Warrior alumni ( class of 1979 ). The Logo must stay. There was no ill or racist intent as the those on the other side have said. In today’s climate of changing all things in the name of racial equality and the removal of it’s History, is very wrong in this case. Stand proud fellow Warriors and protect our history of the past, present and future Of our Wakefield Warriors

  4. 4 Karen lamb

    Great writings Mark. My uncle told me the story when I was little. Just as you have written in this Article. It would truly be a shame to dishonor both names indeed. It isn’t being racist and to me a bit on embarrassment on their part for not knowing the truth before saying such things. I really hope that they will Reconsider and not take our name away. I have always been proud to say I went to the WHS and that the Warriors has a fine football team. As well as other sports games. I also remember seeing him March in our parades best part showing his history. Going up to the head of the lake to the trading post. It would be a shame to take away the Warrior name and logo. What has our world come to? Sadness really.

  5. 5 Bob Dantona

    I’m a newcomer to Wakefield (only 45 years). I was 9 years old in 1947.
    It occurred to me there had to be many “warriors” returned from Europe and the Pacific living in Wakefield at the time. I think they would be pleased to be called Warrior.

  6. Interestingly, no one identifies as Native American or indigenous on the Wakefield Town Census. And though one supposedly indigenous individual is fine with the logo, there have been a large number of indigenous peoples in Massachusetts who have made public statements that this very same Wakefield Warrior logo is offensive to them. Additionally, this mascot hurts the education of the Caucasian individuals in our community by providing them with only the extremely myopic “savage” depiction of indigenous peoples in our community. This logo has to be updated.

    • 7 Mark Sardella

      If no one identifies as Native American or Indigenous on the Town Census, perhaps it’s because the Town Census does not ask the ethnic background of local citizens. And while you attempt to diminish the legitimacy of one such individual by labeling him “supposedly indigenous,” I can tell you that he prefers the term “Indian.” Finally, I don’t think the Warrior logo is the “only” depiction of indigenous peoples taught in our schools. I know for a fact that they are taught every day about the murderous Europeans who came here and “stole” the land of native tribes that previously had lived utopian lifestyles, never, ever waging war or torturing or taking each other as slaves.

  7. 8 Kenneth Sullivan

    The American/Indian Bayrd family also designed costumes worn by the Wakefield majorettes. Beautiful costumes. I saw them first hand as I am a 1971 Wakefield High graduate. They were also my neighbors. Nice,respected,and friendly family they were. Funny, they weren’t offended but proud of their culture and willing to share it with their fellow Wakefield residents. Nowadays people feel the need to create something to be offended by.

  8. 9 Stephen Arnold

    As a Tax Payer of the Acton/Boxboro community and the name is the Colonials and the school committee has deemed it inappropriate where does it end. Although they ran for that Seat and have a hard job, who let them know they can do what they want . I am tired of woke community. I agree with most of these decisions but when is enough is enough. Let’s wipe out everything. When does it ever stop. I am not a Trump supporter. I am tired of erasing all History, good or bad. Discourse is healthy. Not cancel Culture.

  9. 10 Dave Lucas

    I know I’m late to the game Mark, but I wanted to let you know how much I love this article amd that I’ve shared it many times.

    Ahh the wokeness. If you’re not careful, they’ll even cance Halloween!

    • 11 Mark Sardella

      Thanks, Dave. I remember you from a run for State Rep. many years ago.

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