Ten Bold Predictions for 2014


As we enter the New Year, the time has come to make some bold predictions for 2014. So let’s dust off the old crystal ball, shall we? Come to think of it, the whole house could use a good dusting. I’ll begin by predicting that that will not happen in 2014.

People ask how I am able to foresee the future with such uncanny accuracy. I can only say that it is a gift.

So let us begin. Here are my 10 predictions for 2014.
• I predict that a new educational facility will open in Wakefield, Massachusetts in 2014 and it will bear the name of a great military leader.

tisei_memorial_day10tierney_headshot• I foresee that former State Senator Richard Tisei will challenge Congressman See-No-Evil John Tierney. The Tierney campaign will insist that pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Tisei is nothing but a Tea Party Republican out to advance an extreme GOP agenda.

• I predict that Wakefield High School graduate and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will run for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire against incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen. The Shaheen campaign will insist that Brown is nothing but a Tea Party Republican out to advance an extreme GOP agenda. Meanwhile, conservative Republicans will denounce Brown as nothing but a RINO and then complain bitterly for the next six years.
US Senator Scott Brown

Democracy in action
• In May, the Galvin Middle School Auditorium will host its final Annual Town Meeting and still fail to get 200 voters to attend.

Crash 11/28/08 - Wakefield, MA
• Wakefield’s decades-old downtown parking shortage will not be solved in 2014, although there will be no shortage of talk about Wakefield’s downtown parking shortage.

• There will also be no shortage of illegal signs in Wakefield in 2014, although by mid-year there will be talk of enforcing the sign bylaw.
•After more than a year of vacancy, a new business will finally occupy the old CVS space at 376 Main St. in downtown Wakefield and some people still won’t be happy.

2008 July Fourth Parade - Wakefield, MA
• Wakefield’s traditional Independence Day Parade will not return to its former glory in 2014.

• By next August, Lake Quannapowitt will be as green as pea soup, and local experts will debate the best way to solve the algae problem.

• The Zoning Board of Appeals will permit a new wireless communications tower to be erected somewhere in Wakefield and some folks won’t be happy.

So there you have it. Who says you need a Fortune Teller’s License to predict the future? (Just to be on the safe side, my application is in the mail.)

Happy New Year!

[This column originally appeared in the January 2, 2014 Wakefield Daily Item.]

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