A “Telling” Time for Sen. Scott Brown


“Tell Scott Brown to stop obstructing progress on global warming.”

“Tell Scott Brown to stop voting with Wall Street.”

“Tell Scott Brown to Release $700 million in Federal Relief Money to Massachusetts.”

“Tell Scott Brown to Extend Unemployment Insurance.”
US Senator Scott Brown
Those are just a few of the advertisements that have run on TV, radio and the Internet since Scott Brown was elected to the United States Senate last January. Somebody tell Scott Brown that he sure is causing certain special interest groups and unions to spend a ton of their members’ money.

When Sen. Ted Kennedy died last year, absolutely everyone – with the possible exception of Scott Brown – knew for certain that a Democrat would be elected by true blue Massachusetts to fill “the Kennedy seat.”

After all, that seat had been held by a Kennedy Democrat for over 50 years. And no Republican had been elected to the Senate from Massachusetts since Ed Brooke in the 1970s. What’s more, every single member of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation was a Democrat, the Governor of Massachusetts was a Democrat and both houses of the state legislature were overwhelmingly Democrat.
Coakley Senate Sign
So, were Democrats stunned and horrified when Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley to win the Senate seat? To quote Geico pitchman Mike McGlone, “Does Elmer Fudd have trouble with the letter ‘R’?”

Once they had somewhat recovered from their shock and horror that the 12-member Massachusetts congressional delegation would now include one moderate Republican, some folks in the bluest state were determined to correct this outrage come hell or high water (both of which would be virtual certainties, what with Scott Brown obstructing progress on Global Warming).

That explains why the anti-Brown advertising campaigns began as soon as Brown took office, even though at the time he wasn’t up for re-election for almost three years. You still can hardly turn on the radio or TV without someone instructing you to tell Scott Brown something. In the 47 years that Ted Kennedy was the senator from Massachusetts, I don’t remember being asked to tell him as many things as I’ve been told to tell Scott Brown in just eight months.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts’ senior senator, John Kerry, hasn’t done much lately to enhance the Democratic Party brand. The recent flap involving Kerry has focused on the senator berthing his $7 million yacht, not in the Bay State but in Rhode Island, in an apparent effort to evade some $500,000 in Massachusetts sales and excise taxes. While he has since agreed to pay the taxes, the story has certainly called unwelcome attention to the fact that Kerry owns a boat worth $7 million.

Remember when the Republicans were the party of the rich and privileged and the Democrats were the party of the working people?
Dock 5/2/2010
Full disclosure: your humble correspondent owns two vessels, but I can assure the Massachusetts Department of Revenue that my craft are both berthed within the Commonwealth. I won’t divulge their exact location. I don’t need the paparazzi snooping around.

I’m sure Sen. Kerry can appreciate that.

[This column originally appeared in the August 5, 2010 Wakefield Daily Item.]

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