Cool Squirrel on a Hot Day


Black squirrelBlack squirrel
Black squirrelBlack squirrel
They say you should take it easy when the summer heat gets unbearable. This black squirrel is cool in more ways than one. First of all, he has a blond tail, a very eyecatching trait. Second, he is apparently seeking relief from the summer heat by stretching out on the cool metal of this fence next to the Post Office in Wakefield, Massachusetts. I’ve seen him in the area a number of times, and this time I was no more than 15 feet away, but he seemed unconcerned about my presence as he relaxed in the heat. I theorize that that blond tail gets him a lot of positive attention from people, and while far from tame, he seems less nervous around humans than most squirrels.
Black squirrel with a blond tail

2 Responses to “Cool Squirrel on a Hot Day”

  1. 1 Leona

    he must live in South Carolina 🙂

  2. 2 ava

    I too have a squirrel in my yard that is black with a very long bushy, blonde tail. He is a little smaller than the other reddish brown squirrel that hangs around here. They don’t bother each other, but the black squirrel is very skittish, and jumps straight out and up into the trees if it sees me. I’ve never seen anything like this type of squirrel or how it shoots out from a still position and flies through the air for quite a distance. I am still not sure if it’s really super short fir or it has lost it’s fir, but it is black, not dark brown. It also makes a clicking/chirping noise. It will hang upside down on the tree trunk and watch me as I sprinkle out sunflower seeds. On my cell I have a video, two actually, and several pictures of it. I can send the photos via my cell, but not the video, cheap phone I guess. I wish someone could identify it. My son makes jokes that it’s a mutant squirrel.

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