On September 11, 2007, it will be have been six years since the terrorist attacks.

Call me picky, but can we please not hear that date referred to in speech as “nine one one”?

9-1-1 is the number you dial in an emergency. “Nine eleven” is how we say the numerical date of the terrorist attacks.

Imagine that, instead of September 11, the Islamic terrorists had attacked the United States on August 11. Would we say that date as “eight one one”? No. We would say “eight eleven.” In the United States, the way we refer to dates numerically in speech is by the number of the month, followed by the number of the day. Hence, September 11 is 9/11, not 9-1-1. Would you refer to September 12 as “nine one two”?

I hear it said incorrectly almost daily by broadcasters and others who should really know better. Last night I heard a pundit on a TV news talk show refer to “the terrorist attacks of 9-1-1.” On the radio today I heard a talk show host do the same thing.

When I hear people in the media, who should know better, express this date incorrectly as “9-1-1,” it distracts me from their message and diminishes their credibility in my mind. And frankly, it makes them sound dumb.

It’s bad enough that most Americans seem to have forgotten the feeling of utter outrage that the image of the burning and collapsing Twin Towers produced in them six short years ago. Many Americans now dismiss the threat that the Islamic jihadists pose, and even play the role of apologist for Muslim hatred of the “Great Satan.” Some Americans can’t wait to blame their own country for “provoking” the Islamic radicals via US policies, while at the same time giving the Muslim extremists every benefit of every doubt.

It’s more than just unfortunate. It’s downright dangerous that so many Americans are in denial about the true aims of the Islamic jihadists: to kill as many American infidels as possible. It’s clear that nothing short of another major attack on the scale of 9/11 will wake people up. But even if another large scale attack were to take place on American soil, I fear that many would still find a way to blame the United States and George Bush.

3000 people lost their lives at the hands of Islamic jihadists on 9/11, not 9-1-1.

It’s a solemn date, and the least we can do is get its name right.

One Response to “LET’S GET IT RIGHT ON 9/11”

  1. Since I no longer watch TV, I have not heard this before, but I am outraged by the disrespect of the Media. Not surprised. I don’t know what has happened to our society that people have become so self-centered that they can’t think beyond themselves. We are really ripe to be taken over. I don’t believe half the nation would even try to defend themselves. Makes me sick.

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